Custom Beer Pong Table Buyers Guide

There are multiple places to get custom beer pong tables around the net. Beer Pong All-Stars has created a buyers guide for all of you out there looking for a custom beer pong table.

C5 Beer Pong

C5 tables put a new spin on beer pong table design. A C5 custom beer pong table has the two opposing ends elevated above the middle of the table. The table slopes down at angle to allow for a new trick shot, the “skeet shot”

As you can see, this table has light up triangle racks and is made of high quality wood. You can pick from natural, oak, mahogany, and ebony with the finish that you prefer. You can even add custom logos. The C5 table’s design make it a unique pick if you are looking for a custom beer pong table. Check them out at

Red Cup Custom Pong Beer Pong Table

Amazon offers a blank customizable beer pong table if you want to add graphics yourself. These Beer pong Tables are the cheapest that I’ve come across. Red Cup Pong Tables are made of Aluminum and they even come with a bottle opener. I would recommend this option to a baller on a budget.

Customizable Beer Pong Table

Customizable Beer Pong Table by Red Cup Pong

BJs Beer Pong

Last Supper Custom Beer Pong Table

Last Supper custom beer pong table by BJs

If you have an idea for a custom beer pong table graphic that still needs to be ironed out then take a look at You can talk to a graphic designer who will help you with your beer pong table idea. The graphic designer will communicate to you via email and will even submit multiple designs before your order is placed. Here is one of my favorite custom beer pong table designs by BJs. BJs offers 3 sizes: pro, compact, and commercial. The tables are made of sturdy aluminum

Precision Tables

Lakers Custom Beer Pong TableLakers custom beer pong table by Precision Tables. If you’re looking for an upscale custom beer pong table, then I would recommend Precision Tables. They provide hardwood playing surfaces with the logos of your choosing. The table tops are covered with a polycrylic coating for protection while providing a luxurious gloss. Precision tables are the only all wood tables on this list. You can choose between Bamboo, Brazilian Koa, Chimney Rock Charcoal, Glacier Peak Poplar, and Vinter’s Reserve. Precision tables also offer a choice on which style of carved wood leg you would like. Head over to to check them out!

Penumbra Tables

Penumbra offers both aluminum and wood custom beer pong tables. Their acrylic coating makes for a durable play surface that is both impact and spill proof. Penumbra offers some unique features as well. LED lights illuminate the rack space with sensors to ensure that a ring of LEDs surrounds each cup location. Penumbra Tables also come equipped with an air suspension system that make your ball hover over the table. If you want voodoo floating beer pong balls then check out!

Penumbra LED Custom Beer Pong Table

Penumbra LED Custom Beer Pong Table


Wisconsin Custom Beer Pong Table

Wisconsin Custom Beer Pong

TablePong-O makes custom hardwood fold-able tables. You can hand pick text, graphics, and colors for the beer pong table top. Pong-O also lets you add cut outs to the top surface that can be illuminated with LED lighting. You may have seen this Wisconsin table from the cool beer pong tables post. Head over to and check them out!

LED Infinity Beer Pong Table

LED Beer Pong Tables

LED Beer Pong Tables

These tables from offer a fresh look to the regulation 8×2 beer bong table. The selling point of this tables are the 16 color RGB LED lights that line the inside of the table. The LEDs offer 4 display modes as well.  The tables come complete with a mirror that gives the illusion of infinite space. These tables are built to last with metal frame construction. If that wasn’t enough, LEDBeerPongTables come with a built in music player. If you’re looking for a cool custom beer pong table, then check them out!

Party Pong Tables

Custom Light Up Beer Pong Table

Custom Light UP Beer Pong Table

There are multiple places to get custom beer pong tables. At you can get custom beer pong tables starting under $100. You can get an aluminum framed light up beer pong table perfect for parties. The table can even be folded away for storage or transport. You can start the customization of your beer pong table by selecting the table top color and the neon light strip color of each side.You can get your table customized with rack formation holes to hold your cups. If you want to up your game, you can add your own custom graphics to the playing service. A fully customized table comes out to a reasonable $215.