Beer Pong Mats

Beer Pong Mats

How many times have you lost a game to knocking over one your own cups? Not only did you throw the game, but now there is a significant mess to clean up. Not to mention the sticky/ wet table that is going to sabotage your bounce shots. What you need are some beer pong mats to keep your cups full and your table clean.


PongMats beer pong mat

Rubber Beer Pong Mat

PongMats offers the solution to your spilled cups. These beer pong mats are made of a non-slip rubber material. The mats are in the perfect triangle shape for a ten rack of cups. PongMats are available in red and blue so that you can differentiate teams on the table. You can pick up these mats from Amazon for $30 a piece.




Pong Mat beer pong mat

Set of 2 non-skid beer pong mats




Pong Mat

These beer pong mats from Pong Mat come with holes cut for your solo cups. Pong Mats come with a non-skid bottom surface that are sure to help keep your table clean. You can pick up a set of two Pong Mats along with a convenient carrying pouch and two beer pong balls for $30.




Strip and Dare Beer Pong Table Game Mat

Strip and Dare Beer Pong Mats


Want to add some spice to your beer pong party? Try out some strip beer pong! This strip and dare beer pong table game mat can help. This beer pong table mat covers your table so that you can keep it clean. The mat measures 7′ x 3′. There are are instructions listed under each cup to make your game more exciting. 😉 When you play with this mat you can expect to see some skin, some spanks, and maybe a crazy dare or two. Play as dirty as you want… We won’t tell.