Shot Pong

Ante up! Beer pong is getting an upgrade. If you thought beer pong got you bombed quick prepare yourself for shot pong, beer pong’s dangerous older brother. Now there a couple of different versions of shot pong floating around the net so here’s a quick rundown:

Simple Shot Pong

You’re going to need a wide table or separate place to keep your shot glasses. This simple version of the beer pong variation requires 12 plastic cups and 12 shot glasses. Fill each of the shot glasses to ~1/3. Now play pong as normal, but every time your opponent sinks a cups you must take the shot of the corresponding shot glass. Pull your solo cups as usual.

Beer Tab Shot Pong

Here is a another cool take. Beer tab shot pong uses beer tabs instead of pong balls. Set up a six cup rack of some uniform shot glasses and fill them to ~1/3 -1/2 with your favorite liquor. Beer tab shot pong works well on smaller table tops. These guys use 2 tabs a piece, if you do the same you’re sure to get tanked.

Rotating Shot Pong

Here’s a fun one and it’s a little less intense. To play start by setting up a 6 cup rack at one side of the table. This game requires four players but there are no teams. Each player sets up on a different side of the table. The person that is opposite the cups is the shooter. The shooter gets 3 shots per turn. For every shot the shooter makes, the person standing on the side of the cups must take 1/3 of a shot. Rotate after each turn.