Rules Of Beer Pong

Rules of Beer Pong

Rules of Beer Pong

Each house has their own rules

Without a set of rules, your game is sure to erupt into a drunken anarchy. Each house has there own rules and it is best to have them written down and displayed. We have compiled a list of the most common rules of beer pong. You can use this list to make your own set of house rules:

1. House Makes the Rules

2. Bitch Cup / Freshman Cup

3. Ring of Fire / Ring of Death

4. Troll Rule / Trolling

5. Naked Lap / Skunk Lap

6. NBA  Jam – “Heating up, On fire”

7. Island Rule

8. Sniper Rule

9. Bermuda Triangle

10. Beaming Rule / Randy Johnson Rule

11. Traveling / Lebron James Rule

12. Death Cup

13. Eye to Eye

14. Elbow Rule

15. Re-Racking

16. Balls Back

17. Fingering / Blowing

18. Trick Shot

19. Redemption / Rebuttal

20. Overtime

21. Spilled Cup 

22. Celeb Shot

23. Bounce Shot

24. Same Cup

25. Defense