NBA Jam / Heating Up / On Fire – Rules of Beer Pong #6

6. NBA Jam / Heating Up / On Fire

NBA JAM Beer Pong Rule

“He’s on fire!”

The NBA Jam beer pong rule is gets its name from the classic arcade game by Midway. NBA Jam allows a player to get bonus shots.

After hitting two consecutive shots, the shooter announces, “heating up.” If they sink their next shot (3 consecutive cups) the player is “on fire” and continues to shoot until he or she misses. A player has to state, “heating  up” after making the second shot for a chance at fire.

This rule is great for momentum swings during your game. There is nothing like winning a game with 7 consecutive shot comeback.

If a team or player gets balls back during a streak of fire the shooting team will get balls back after fire has been extinguished. A new turn begins. The shooting team has the opportunity for a second balls back series.

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