Sniper Rule – Rules of Beer Pong #8

8. Sniper Rule

Sniper Rule


Head’s up! When you incorporate the sniper rule in your house rules your games are sure to get rowdy. The sniper rule lets players snipe an opponent in the head for an extra cup. In order to have the chance at a snipe, you must catch the opponent’s shot as it bounces off the lids of your rack of cups. If you catch the ball, you must throw it at an opponent’s head in one motion. Most people are caught unaware by this move and you will end up scoring an extra cup. If your opponent somehow catches the ball thrown at him with their cat like reflexes, they may throw the ball back in a counter snipe attempt. Anyone that is hit in the head with a snipe must drink a cup from their rack.


Some houses have a variation of this rule known as ‘slap cup.’ The slap cup beer pong rule is similar to the sniper rule in that you target the shooting team after a ricochet shot. If a shot bounces off of the rim a defender can open hand slap the ball at the shooters. If the ball hits the shooters anywhere in the body they must drink a cup.

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