College Beer Pong Tables

‘Wild Sports’ College Beer Pong Tables

Wild Sports has a wide selection of college beer pong tables. These beer pong tables are regulation size 8′ x 2′ lightweight but sturdy aluminum. Wild Sports provides great tables for college tailgates. You can fold up the table to 2′ x 2′ for easy transport with an attached handle. Great for those long treks to your favorite tailgating spot. The playing surface features a football field with the college team of your choice in each of the endzones.

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Custom Beer Pong Table Buyers Guide

There are multiple places to get custom beer pong tables around the net. Beer Pong All-Stars has created a buyers guide for all of you out there looking for a custom beer pong table.

C5 Beer Pong

C5 tables put a new spin on beer pong table design. A C5 custom beer pong table has the two opposing ends elevated above the middle of the table. The table slopes down at angle to allow for a new trick shot, the “skeet shot”

As you can see, this table has light up triangle racks and is made of high quality wood. You can pick from natural, oak, mahogany, and ebony with the finish that you prefer. You can even add custom logos. The C5 table’s design make it a unique pick if you are looking for a custom beer pong table. Check them out at Read more

Cool Beer Pong Tables

LED Infinity Beer Pong Table

These tables from offer a fresh look to the regulation 8×2 beer bong table. The selling point of this tables are the 16 color RGB LED lights that line the inside of the table. The LEDs offer 4 display modes as well.  The tables come complete with a mirror that gives the illusion of infinite space. These tables are built to last with metal frame construction. If that wasn’t enough, LEDBeerPongTables come with a built in music player. If you’re looking for cool beer pong tables for sale, then head over and check them out!


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