Bounce Shot – Rules of Beer Pong #23

23. Bounce Shot

Beer Pong Bounce

Not in my house

The beer pong bounce shot rule allows you to get a bonus cup on your turn. If you bounce your shot off of the surface of table into your opponents’ cup, they must drink two cups instead of one. Bounce shots can help you to speed up a comeback or shift the momentum in a game. Both members of a team can bounce in the same turn.

Your opponents can play defense and swat the ball away from their cups after the ball hits the table. You can defend against the bounce. If you want to make a bounce without your opponent defending, wait until they are distracted or better: invent your own distraction.

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Celeb Shot – Rules of Beer Pong #22

22. Celeb Shot

Celeb Shot

You don’t see that everyday!

Need a hand? This beer pong rule can save the game for you if you are having a rough night at the beer pong table. A celebrity shot is allows you to pick a friend to take a shot for you. You can pick anyone in the crowd so chose wisely. Each player can only ask for a “celeb shot” once per game. No bonus cups are awarded for a celebrity shot. Here is an awesome picture of a cop taking a celebrity shot at a college party. What a nice guy!

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Spilled Cup – Rules of Beer Pong #21

21. Spilled Cup

Spilled Cup


Often in the madness of a chaotic game of beer pong someone spills a cup that is in play. If someone spills their own cup, for whatever reason, the cup counts as a made cup and must be removed. This happens many times when a player tries to block a bounced shot. Check out these beer pong mats to help keep your cups from spilling: beer pong mats. It is wise to keep a towel close to the table so that you can clean any spills on the floor.

If a defender spills their own last cup the defending team loses the game. If the last cup is spilled by the shooting team then the cup has to be refilled.

Some houses play the Randy Johnson Rule and do allow a shooting team to knock over the last cup for the win

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Overtime – Rules of Beer Pong #20

20.  Overtime


Sudden Death

It’s crunch time now so if you have a clutch mode it’s time to turn it on. Overtime occurs after a team successfully completes redemption. Beer pong overtime requires three cups placed into a triangle shape. The team that first scored all of their cups shoot first to begin a sudden death round of beer pong. The team who makes all three cups first wins. There are no reracks in this sudden death round. You can finish the game without the other team getting a chance to shoot if you get balls back on your first attempt and then one of your players sinks the last cup.

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Redemption / Rebuttal – Rules of Beer Pong #19

19. Redemption / Rebuttal

Beer Pong Redemption

When you make redemption

This beer pong rule allows for some amazing comebacks! After the last cup is made, the losing team still has a chance to save the game. The losing team must make all of the remaining cups on the table. Each player shoots until they miss. There are no re-racks during redemption. If there are remaining cups after both players have missed, the game is over. If the losing team succeeds in hitting all remaining cups the game goes into overtime. You can not win the game by getting ring of fire on redemption, but you can win the game if you manage to hit a death cup. The game isn’t over til the fat lady sings.

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Trick Shot – Rules of Beer Pong #18

18. Trick Shot

This next rule adds some style to your games. If the ball bounces back to the thrower’s side then they retrieve it for an extra shot. The ball must not touch the floor for this rule to apply. The player who shot the ball is allowed to do an extra shot, but it must be a trick shot. Many players will do a behind the back shot, but you can get creative. You can also do bounce shots off of the ceiling, walls, or other surfaces.

Once a trick shot bounces off of the table you can play defense and block the shot.

Here’s a cool montage of beer pong trick shots:

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Fingering / Blowing – Rules of Beer Pong #17

17. Fingering / Blowing

Beer Pong fingering / blowing

Dudes don’t blow

Guys Finger, Bitches Blow. The fingering and blowing beer pong rule offers an opportunity for defense. If a ball is spinning around the inside of a cup, the defending team may pull it out with a finger. Girls have the option of blowing into the cup to force the ball up and out of the cup. If your finger or the ball touches the beer, the cup still counts and you must drink. It takes skill to finger without getting your finger wet.

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Balls Back – Rules of Beer Pong #16

16. Balls Back

The balls back beer pong rule states that if both members of a team make their shots they get the balls returned to them for 2 more bonus shots. Bonus shots allow for big league combos that can shift the momentum of the game.

Balls Back Shake and BakeShake and Bake

If a player gets balls back at the same time they strike “fire” they are awarded two bonus shots. Fire extinguishes after the first shot is missed and a new turn begins for the shooting team. A side can get balls back multiple times in series.

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