Reracks – Rules of Beer Pong #15

15. Reracks

Beer Pong Reracks

For those playing with a standard 10 cup rack, most houses allow two reracks per game. Before each turn, each team has the chance to request a rearranging of the cups to their preferred formation. If you get balls back after making 2 in a row, you may not get a re-rack as it is the middle of your turn. If requested, Last cup may always be pulled back and centered. At beer pong all-stars we also allow for a gentleman’s re-rack which is two cups in a line. In a one-on-one game, each player gets one rerack. There are no reracks in sudden death overtime.

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Elbow Rule – Rules of Beer Pong #14

14. Elbow Rule

Elbow Rule

Watch those elbows!

The unspoken rule at most house parties, the elbow rule states that your elbow may not cross the edge of the table while shooting. This rule is especially important if you are using a short table. If a player’s elbow crosses the edge of the table then the shot does not count. This tends to be a heavily disputed rule, because it is hard to tell if the elbow crosses from your perspective at the the other side of the table. Take a good step back from the table and you will never have to worry about this rule. The professional beer pong circuit does not play by the elbow rule as they use official 8ft. long tables.

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Eye to Eye – Rules of Beer Pong #13

13. Eye to Eye

Eye to Eye

“Eye to Eye”

If it is the first game of the night, the first team to shoot is decided by “eye to eye.” A player from each team shoots for the cups while keeping eye contact with their opponent throughout their shot. If both players miss or both players make it, the other partners now shoot. This continues in sudden death fashion until only one team makes a shot. Roll the ball back to the winning team and begin the game. You do not remove any cups made before the game starts. After the first game, the team that is running the table shoots first. If the winning team leaves the table, “eye to eye” is done again to see who goes first.

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Death Cup – Rules of Beer Pong #12

12. Death Cup

Death Cup Beer Pong Rule


Often after a long night of beer pong you may forget to pull / drink a cup that has already been made. The death cup beer pong rule is for when a team forgets to pull a cup that has been scored. You do not have to inform the other team that they have forgotten to remove a cup. If the cup is not pulled and then is made for a second time “death cup” is called and the game is over. Next victim on the table please! At some houses ‘death cup’ refers to sinking a pong ball into the drink a person is holding and drinking from.

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Traveling / Lebron James Rule – Rules of Beer Pong #11

11. Traveling / Lebron James Rule

Traveling Beer Pong Rule

What do you mean “travel?”

Want an advantage that only an NBA all-star has? Here’s a rule for you: The traveling beer pong rule states that when the ball is sunk after hitting another cup’s lid then bonus cups are awarded. You can remove all of the cups that your shot touched or just one bonus cup. Like Lebron James and other super stars you can receive a handicap to help you score. While playing with the traveling rule your games will go by much quicker. At beer pong all-stars we do not play traveling so that noobs don’t get unearned cups. We all know you didn’t mean to do that.

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Beaming / Randy Johnson Rule – Rules of Beer Pong #10

10. Beaming / Randy Johnson Rule

Beaming / Randy Johnson Beer Pong Rule

That’s got some heat on it

The rule that has started more alcohol fueled fights than any other. The beaming beer pong rule allows you to knock over the opponents’ cups on purpose. You will only be able to do this if the cup is very close to the edge of the table and there is much too little water. When the opposing team has only one cup left you can drill the cup with enough force to spill it or knock it off the table for the win. The opposing team isn’t going to be happy about you knocking over a cup especially if you spill beer on them so use discretion. You don’t want to get beat up over a game of beer pong. Some houses refer to beaming as the Randy Johnson Rule.

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Bermuda Triangle Rule – Rules of Beer Pong #9

9. Bermuda Triangle Rule

Bermuda Triangle Rule


There a few instances in a beer pong game when you are not allowed to re-rack the remaining cups. The Bermuda Triangle beer pong rule is for when there are 3 cups left and none of them are connected. You can not request a re-rack when the cups are in this formation. You also may not call island as none of the cups are touching. There must be a mainland for the island rule to apply. You are stuck with this formation of cups until you manage to sink one of them so be prepared to lose a few shots in the triangle.

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Sniper Rule – Rules of Beer Pong #8

8. Sniper Rule

Sniper Rule


Head’s up! When you incorporate the sniper rule in your house rules your games are sure to get rowdy. The sniper rule lets players snipe an opponent in the head for an extra cup. In order to have the chance at a snipe, you must catch the opponent’s shot as it bounces off the lids of your rack of cups. If you catch the ball, you must throw it at an opponent’s head in one motion. Most people are caught unaware by this move and you will end up scoring an extra cup. If your opponent somehow catches the ball thrown at him with their cat like reflexes, they may throw the ball back in a counter snipe attempt. Anyone that is hit in the head with a snipe must drink a cup from their rack.


Some houses have a variation of this rule known as ‘slap cup.’ The slap cup beer pong rule is similar to the sniper rule in that you target the shooting team after a ricochet shot. If a shot bounces off of the rim a defender can open hand slap the ball at the shooters. If the ball hits the shooters anywhere in the body they must drink a cup.

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Island Rule – Rules of Beer Pong #7

7. Island Rule

Beer Pong Island

Land Ho’

The island beer pong rule offers an opportunity for a bonus cup. If a cup is not touching another cup on the table a player may call, “island” and shoot for the lone cup. If the player succeeds in sinking the cup, they are awarded a bonus cup. There must be a land mass (two cups that are touching) in order for this rule to apply. Because you need at least 3 cups for the shot to be available, you can not win the game on this rule. At most houses each player gets one per game (two per team.) If you are playing a 1v1 then each player gets one call per game.

You can not call island if there is a Bermuda Triangle on the table.

If a shooter calls “island” and bounces the shot into the island cup the defending team picks 2 additional bonus cups to remove from the table and drink.

If both players on the shooting team call “island” and make the same cup the defending team must pick 2 additional bonus cups to remove and drink. The shooting team is awarded balls back.


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NBA Jam / Heating Up / On Fire – Rules of Beer Pong #6

6. NBA Jam / Heating Up / On Fire

NBA JAM Beer Pong Rule

“He’s on fire!”

The NBA Jam beer pong rule is gets its name from the classic arcade game by Midway. NBA Jam allows a player to get bonus shots.

After hitting two consecutive shots, the shooter announces, “heating up.” If they sink their next shot (3 consecutive cups) the player is “on fire” and continues to shoot until he or she misses. A player has to state, “heating  up” after making the second shot for a chance at fire.

This rule is great for momentum swings during your game. There is nothing like winning a game with 7 consecutive shot comeback.

If a team or player gets balls back during a streak of fire the shooting team will get balls back after fire has been extinguished. A new turn begins. The shooting team has the opportunity for a second balls back series.

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