Beer Pong Tips

Here is a collection of beer pong tips and strategies to help elevate your game.


Practice makes perfect and beer pong is no different. You can start by shooting at some water cups in your free time. The more time you put in the better you will be. Practice some trick shots while you’re at it, you never know when you’ll need a clutch behind the back shot to take the lead. Get drunk for practice! In what other sport do you get to slam a six pack before warm ups? Don’t think that practicing shooting at water cups in your garage is going to take you from zero to hero. You need practice under pressure. Playing at parties with lots of spectators can give you a taste of what it’s like to come through in high pressure situations. We at Beer Pong All-Stars recommend that you find a local tournament to compete in. You’ll get to meet some new drinking bros and sink cups under pressure too!



Grab a drink before your match. It will help take the edge off. If you’re at a house party learn the house rules. Maybe the rules are posted somewhere, if not pay attention to the games ahead of you to learn how that house plays.



Beer Pong is all about the muscle memory. Practice your most comfortable throwing technique and stay consistent. We recommend the three finger grip: gripping the ball with your thumb, index, and middle and fingers and tossing it with a good amount of arch. Other grips include the two finger grip, under hand and over hand. Don’t try to snipe the backside of the cups!



Beer Pong Distraction

You’d be surprised at how well this works.

If you are going to be a beer pong all-star, you’re going to have to learn some defense. Leave the hand waving over the cups at home noob, we’ve got some top shelf distractions for ya. Talk some smack! Let the other team know that they have whiffed on their last 4 shots. Get in their heads! Keep a running tally of a player’s missed shots and casually mention his count throughout the game. Our favorite distraction over here at Beer Pong All-Stars is the subtle point and move: point at one of the cups and move your finger away as the player is about to release the ball. Works every time😎 Got a set of boobs? Use ’em to distract your opponents. You can do it if you’re a dude too. I’ve seen it work.




First, know the rules! You can’t development a killer strategy without knowing the house rules. If the house plays ring of fire aim for the front cup first. If you hit it, good! Now get the middle cup and back corners for a quick win. Made another cup? Oh well, proceed with the game as normal.

Get reracks that line the cups in straight lines even if they are at an angle; that way you can get the aim right but not the distance and still make cups. There is no rule against taking a good angle on the rack so move around on your side of the table.

Bounce for big plays. Bounce low and as close to the cups as possible so that your shot is hard to block. If you’re opponent isn’t paying attention score a quick double cup. You can also use distractions like bouncing while your partner shoots. Our favorite distraction here at Beer Pong All-Stars is to yell at someone behind your opponent so that they turn around. Sink a double cup on them for that. Tricked like a chump😎