Island Rule – Rules of Beer Pong #7

7. Island Rule

Beer Pong Island

Land Ho’

The island beer pong rule offers an opportunity for a bonus cup. If a cup is not touching another cup on the table a player may call, “island” and shoot for the lone cup. If the player succeeds in sinking the cup, they are awarded a bonus cup. There must be a land mass (two cups that are touching) in order for this rule to apply. Because you need at least 3 cups for the shot to be available, you can not win the game on this rule. At most houses each player gets one per game (two per team.) If you are playing a 1v1 then each player gets one call per game.

You can not call island if there is a Bermuda Triangle on the table.

If a shooter calls “island” and bounces the shot into the island cup the defending team picks 2 additional bonus cups to remove from the table and drink.

If both players on the shooting team call “island” and make the same cup the defending team must pick 2 additional bonus cups to remove and drink. The shooting team is awarded balls back.


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