Naked Lap / Skunk Lap – Rules of Beer Pong #5

5. Naked Lap / Skunk Lap

Naked Lap

Don’t Get Skunked

Like many competitive games beer pong has a “skunk rule.” If either team wins the game before the opposing team hits ANY of their cups, the naked lap rule is enacted. The losing team must strip down naked or to their underwear and take a running lap around the house. This is especially brutal in the winter, so make sure you don’t get skunked. If you are playing in a dorm, then it is a lap around the dorm floor. The naked lap is uncommon so enjoy the show if you are lucky enough to witness this rule. If you happen to get skunked in a game, don’t chicken out. There is nothing worse than a player who skips out on their naked lap.



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Troll Rule / Trolling – Rules of Beer Pong #4

4. Troll Rule / Trolling

Beer Pong Troll Rule / Trolling

Beer Pong Troll

Suck at beer pong? You’ve probably heard of the troll rule then. If you fail to hit a single cup in a game that your team loses then you must take your drink and sit under the table. The beer pong troll must stay under the table for the duration of the next game. Often the troll will disrupt the next game by grabbing player’s ankles or by making lots of noise. If both players on a team get skunked, they must both take a naked lap. Make sure you don’t strike out at the beer pong table or you’ll be spending a good amount of time under the table.

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House Rules – Rules of Beer Pong #1

1. House Rules

House Rules

Each house has their own rules

Every house has their own beer pong rules, therefore the house makes the rules and settles disputes. It’s nice to have the rules displayed on a sign for players to see. You can also use a white board or chalk board to write and edit the rules. Having the house rules displayed settles a majority of arguments. If you are a bar that is hosting beer pong tournaments, you need to have a list of rules advertised. Trust us it’s worth it to write them down. Because each house has their own rules, game play is often different at various venues. Each house offers its own unique take on the game of beer pong.


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Rules Of Beer Pong

Rules of Beer Pong

Rules of Beer Pong

Each house has their own rules

Without a set of rules, your game is sure to erupt into a drunken anarchy. Each house has there own rules and it is best to have them written down and displayed. We have compiled a list of the most common rules of beer pong. You can use this list to make your own set of house rules:

1. House Makes the Rules

2. Bitch Cup / Freshman Cup

3. Ring of Fire / Ring of Death

4. Troll Rule / Trolling

5. Naked Lap / Skunk Lap

6. NBA  Jam – “Heating up, On fire”

7. Island Rule

8. Sniper Rule

9. Bermuda Triangle

10. Beaming Rule / Randy Johnson Rule

11. Traveling / Lebron James Rule

12. Death Cup

13. Eye to Eye

14. Elbow Rule

15. Re-Racking

16. Balls Back

17. Fingering / Blowing

18. Trick Shot

19. Redemption / Rebuttal

20. Overtime

21. Spilled Cup 

22. Celeb Shot

23. Bounce Shot

24. Same Cup

25. Defense

Bitch Cup – Rules of Beer Pong #2

2. Bitch Cup

Bitch Cup

Bitch cup is the center cup in the rack.

The ‘bitch cup’ is the cup in the dead center of the rack at the beginning of the game. If a dude makes this cup before any other cup it remains on the table. If a girl hits this cup as the first cup it still counts hence the term ‘bitch cup’.


Bitch cup counts a made cup, but is not pulled. NBA Jam heating up & on-fire rules apply.





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Ring of Fire / Ring of Death – Rules of Beer Pong #3

3. Ring of Fire / Ring of Death

Ring of Fire

Ring of fire beer pong rule

Our favorite beer pong rule is the ring of fire (sometimes known as the ring of death). This rule states that if the front cup and bitch cup are hit along with the back corner cups without hitting any other cups the game is over. Check out the diagram below. This is the most satisfying way to win a beer pong game! If you are playing ring of death you can win the game before the other team gets to shoot. If both players make one of the crossed out cups on the first turn they get balls back. By making the remaining crossed out cups they can create a ring of fire without the other team having a chance to shoot. Make sure this rule is displayed at your house. New players often have not heard of it.

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